Ancient Healing Meditations

These Ancient Healing Meditations work to heal different things and have been professionally recorded and mixed in a recording studio in Sacred Space.

They are powerful and timeless and we offer them to you with Blessings of Health, Happiness and much Prosperity in all you are and do. They are available as digital downloads in our own 8th Fire Store as well as on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby!

A portion of the proceeds of these meditations is donated to the Rainbow Flame Medicine Lodge, a Not-For-Profit Organization committed to preserving the Algonquin Culture and Way of Life.

The Ceremonies that healed a people, a world. These six Ancient Healing Meditations help to release hurt, heal and regain what you have lost. Become a tree to heal the past, present and future? Journey through your own organs to release the negative emotions your are holding on to and replacing them with positive, healthy ones? Have a group of Ancient Healers enter into your space and work on you to heal? Protect yourself, loved ones and your space? Get back all of the power you surrendered over your life? Learn the simplicity of being and presence.

Meditations Can Be Previewed Here >