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Universal Blessings Month

A Path to Being Truly Free, Healed, and Happy Have you ever taken an inventory of what or who you are carrying with you? What has not been resolved, healed, or forgiven? For most it can be a lengthy list, and a heavy one, but where does that leave us? Are we humans or pack […]

Knowing When Something Has Been Healed

How do you know when something has been healed? This is the most important question as it relates to the entire healing process. It is important for many reasons, because without knowing it, we can make assumptions about what we think and not about what actually is. People believe that if they have survived something […]

The $5,000,000 Consciousness

Parts 1-5 Complete! Today is the beginning of a free online course by The 8th Fire and Algonquin Medicine Man, and it is a conscious mapping exercise that is applicable to any person, organization, business, or not-for-profit organization, or even a cause.To fully understand and participate in the exercise, be as honest with yourself as […]

It’s OK to not be happy…

It seems the more I search the web and my own Facebook newsfeed, I am inundated with everyone wanting to make me happy, and that should be the pursuit and aim of my life. Learn how to be happy, find your smile, laugh all the time, be joyful, and yes, I get it.No one wants […]

Weaving Dreams & Miracles Out of Wounds

Who are you? Why are you here? What is your life about, and why have the things that have happened to you happened to you? What could be more important than this? We have come to remember who we are, and this is a Sacred Journey. Why? Because the things that have happened to you […]