Charity and Volunteer Work 🙂

Over the years we have given a lot to charity, and volunteered our services to many worthy people and causes, because giving back is the very root of our organization.

The 8th Fire:

  • Donated private healing sessions to people and pets in need;
  • Raised money for the Elders of the Algonquins of Pikwakangan First Nation through DVD sales that we make;
  • Raises money for “The Rainbow Flame Medicine Lodge” through CD sales of our “Ancient Healing Meditations” series (a portion of each sale is donated);
  • Volunteers (students of The 8th Fire) at the Edmonton Institution for Women (Correctional Service Canada) offering private healing sessions to inmates, and previously group sessions, talks, and ceremonies;
  • Purchased 100 Christmas Dinners for the needy in Ottawa;
  • Purchased a farm load of animals which were divvied up between families in an underdeveloped country in a community to help feed children and generate income to pay for the essentials of living;
  • Made donations to ‘The Quinoa Project’ which enables families to start and grow their own quinoa (including training);
  • Gave a family the ability to start their own garden in their backyard to sustain themselves, and to sell the excess of what they generate to earn an income.
  • Donate healing packages to organizations who fundraise for worthy causes to have private healing sessions;
  • Speak at various events to raise awareness on how we can use our minds to help heal our bodies and spirits;
  • Has a Foster Child that we support (we love you Fatima!) and send monthly contributions for;
  • Provided hospital visits to those who were unable to come to us;
  • Offers a Free Online Meditation of our Great Fire Meditation for those who could not access it otherwise;
  • Makes monthly contributions to The Canadian Red Cross;

At the end of every talk and Healing Circle, we always say: ‘It’s an honour to be of service.’

You know…it only takes one small act to make not only the world a better place, but yourself a better person.