Healing Services

We are a full service organization which offers a complete range of healing services such as, tracking to discover what your issue is about, energy healing & medicine, Spirit Journeys, Space Clearings, and more.

We have extensive experience in working with people, pets, plants, and spaces. We are confident that we will be able to meet your needs in healing something in your life, getting back parts of yourself you feel you lost or your power, and to help you find your own purpose or direction in life. The easiest way to determine what is best for you is an “in person” session to discuss your personal needs and for us to suggest what we believe through experience would be best for your unique situation. This will involve getting to the root cause, energy healing, or journeying, and sometimes a combination. What is important is that after meeting with you and listening, we can work together and decide what will work for you.

Energy Healing

The simple laying on of hands has been a great comfort and powerful healing since Time Immemorial. Working both on the body and in the Aura can provide many benefits in relaxation, immune system enhancement, and healing. Trained in several types of Energy Healing such as Great Fire, Reiki, Medical Qigong, and others; the simply laying on of hands can be very relaxing and healing. Working both on the body or in the Aura can have a positive healing effect on all life. In our work we use Spiritual Healing in concert with Energy Healing to bring about personal change and healing with clients. This enables people to begin to heal not just what they know, but what they don’t know as well.

Spirit Journeys

Journeying is the entering into a Shamanic Trance to slip between the worlds and meaningfully interact with the Divine Aspects of who we are, and to understand ourselves, learn, and heal. There are Journeys to identify and heal core issues, get parts of yourself back you feel you lost or can’t access, healing self-sabotage, abusive parts of yourself, getting your power back, healing karma or past lives, meeting your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Animal Totems, learning why you came into this life and what you came here to do, finding your destiny and getting direction, meeting the different versions of yourself that live in the alternate realities of SpaceTime, read the Akashic Records, and much more.


We offer professional training in Shamanism through our 2-Year “Earning The Light” Program, and Quantum Star Reiki. In addition we offer mini-workshops throughout the year and Healing Circles.


We have a private healing practice in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and occasionally do “in person” healing sessions in Edmonton, Alberta. We offer Distant Healings (Interconnected Healings) all over the world via phone, skype, or email. We currently offer training in Ottawa, Edmonton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).