Is There a God (insert name here) or Supreme Being?…

Before you decide or make a decision, consider this.

What would be the role of such a being? What do they do? What are they responsible for? Are they male, female, no gender at all? Do they have a name and if so what is it? Are they exclusive to you?

More importantly, what do they want from or for us, if anything? What role do we play and how do they see us?

Are they all knowing, powerful? What is their relationship to us and why did they make us? Do they even listen to us, and how do they communicate with us?

Maybe before you decide if there is or isn’t a God or Supreme Being (insert your word here) you will need to consider these questions, and another set of questions.What is your role in this life? What do you do? What are you responsible for? What do you want from life and from yourself, your relationships, and what is your purpose in this life? Do you listen and what do you communicate to yourself?

Any question worthy of being posed to a Supreme Being is worth asking yourself first.

You need to ask and begin to explore these questions on both sides. If there is no God or whatever name you use then the second set of questions becomes critical.If there is a God, then both sets if questions becomes important to you.Whether or not there is some Supreme Being watching over you, is it their job to do everything for you?

Happiness…check….Love…check…Joy…check…Money…check…Health…check… and on and on…Does a Supreme Being constitute having an easy life and not having to work for things as they are all simply provided for?

If that is the belief, are you still waiting for yours? What actions can you take right now based on beliefs that you choose to get you where you want to be?

Believing or not believing does not change your life or the work that is before you. It doesn’t change your circumstances or life situation. If you don’t believe, do the work. If you believe, do the work.

Whatever afterlife or lack thereof is waiting for you, it is all based on the work, so do it.

In either the absence or presence of a God, you need to find your way and know who and what you are on your own terms.

Either way you have choice, and what you do with your choices and the actions you make or choose will help determine where you are going.The reason for where you are going is your why.

You need to know that and understand what drives you. Why are you? Not who. Why?No matter what you decide or consider, know that you already have everything you need to get where you want to be, go where you want to go, and do what needs to be done. What you need is to understand it, and more importantly, use it. Don’t become disempowered by waiting for something that comes from within, and knowing what that is inside of you.

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