It’s OK to not be happy…

It seems the more I search the web and my own Facebook newsfeed, I am inundated with everyone wanting to make me happy, and that should be the pursuit and aim of my life. Learn how to be happy, find your smile, laugh all the time, be joyful, and yes, I get it.No one wants to be around someone who is a real buzz kill, and of course I’m not saying embrace depression, suffering, or chronic negativity.

I believe happiness is of course ok, but it is not why we are here. We are also not here to suffer. We are here to learn things that can only be done through experience and living, and there will be both laughter and pain in that.

What we have to learn is what is in our “Life Plan” and it includes the lessons that help us to not simply “know” but to truly “understand”. No one wants to have difficult or painful things happen to them, but if you see it as a lesson that must be learned, it changes things. You can say: “I don’t want to learn anymore lessons” or “I’ve got it, I know this…” but that is not what evolves a Soul. In short, stop taking is so personally…it didn’t happen to you, it just happened…

We can experience true, deep states of authentic compassion by helping someone through something that we ourselves have been through, and to give them the benefit of our experience, and a tangible living example that someone has been through it, and is still here alive and breathing.

This compassion is synergistic with love, and both of them begin to render judgement irrelevant, and unneeded. Most times people need our understanding and our compassion, not our judgement. It is what helps make the world a better place.

Life happens also in the middle between the extremes, so it’s ok to not always be happy. The pursuit of this happiness should not cause us sadness, or make us feel less than if we don’t have it. The mark of a good life should not always be the huge smile that is expected of us, and that we have to answer for when we don’t have it.

They say that happiness is a measurement in some ways of a person’s life, that if they are happy it is because they have something to be happy about…causes to be happy.

Beyond happiness there is service. The service that is to say to another life or all life “I am here for you to help you. How can I be of service to you?” to let them know they are not alone, and that as a species, as a planet, as a consciousness, we need to start moving together, and no one gets left behind. And for us it says we have value because we can serve…I can do this one thing right now.Beyond that happiness there is service, and with service is LOVE. When you help from the Spirit there is no purer form of LOVE, and that should make you smile.

Life is a rainbow, a spectrum, and along that range there are many shades of different types of emotions and intensities of those emotions. We pass through it, and it through us, and it helps us to understand others, and ourselves.

The distance between us is only how far we can relate to another. Relating to another is knowing this rainbow. In knowing it we are one. One step closer, one people, one life. In knowing this, it is your vulnerability that allows you to share intimately, connect, and heal.Taught by wounds, mastered by compassion, expressed as love. Now that’s worth smiling about 🙂

Chi Meegwetch (Thank You Very Much)

Algonquin Medicine Man

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