Recommended Products

People often ask us if there are products that we could recommend that might help them on their journey through learning and life and we highly recommend these ones 🙂

Aura Seeing

Created by my good friend and colleague Brian Osborne, you can learn to see auras. Not in seven years. Just a couple of days. Auras can tell you a lot about yourself and about another person and seeing auras can help you better respond to situations. The energy field reflects all aspects of the body and mind. It is not possible to have a physical or mental disturbance (positive or negative) and have it not reflected in the aura field. Seeing auras gives you more of a total view; a panoramic vision of any person, any group of people, and any situation. The more information you have, the better decisions you can make.

Photo Reading

I personally Photo Read at 20,000 words per minute. I even have a certificate to prove it. Your conscious mind can handle seven pieces of information at a time, while your subconscious mind can handle a staggering 20,000 pieces of information. That’s the difference between regular reading and PhotoReading. We don’t like using the word “subconscious” because it seems mysterious. We take the mystery out of the subconscious and we help you expand the capabilities of your “whole” mind. Can you imagine the power your whole mind can bring to reading?

Diamond Dowsing

Learn how to “dowse” and you can use “dowsing” to take anything you’re doing to radically higher levels…making money, exercising, playing, working, sleeping, meditating… you name it! This comes from Marie Diamond, one of the most dymanic teachers of Dowsing and Feng Shui.

Diamond Feng Shui

Move your bed, make more money. Paint your walls, steam up your romance. Hang a picture, improve your health. Declutter your home, find your purpose. Diamond Feng Shui shows you how to change the energy of your home or workplace for immediate, long-lasting results. Ancient Secrets of Feng Shui meet the Modern Marvel of the Genius Mind in the most amazing course ever devised!

Genius Code

What if you could develop superior mental powers similar to those from the greatest minds of mankind? Dr. Win Wenger’s 30 years of study shows that genius is not a result of genetic superiority, but of a pattern of mental conditioning. Which means, genius is within your grasp. What would it mean for you if you saw increases in your IQ, memory, learning capacity, mental quickness, intutiion, and creativity?

Spring Forest Qigong

This ancient Chinese “practice” can take away stress, pain and sickness from your body at speeds that will amaze anyone…leaving you with more energy. You have seen people on television who could heal others with their touch, or people who could pass healing energy to other people. Finally, you can learn to make use of this healing energy that many say results in modern-day miracles.

Subliminal Power 2

Amazing Revolutionary New Software rewrites the programming code inside your brain to make it quicker & easier than ever before to achieve your goals; with zero effort from you! What if you wanted to control the information that you were exposing yourself to in order to help you achieve your goals and do it all in the background as you simply worked and played on your computer? I did!

Brain Bullet

Brand NEW software automatically motivates, empowers and re-educates your mind to develop “super-human” – like powers… FAST! EASIER than affirmations… MORE powerful than hypnosis… FASTER than meditation…

Meditation Program

Meditation can be a bit intimidating, but through brainwave entraintment technology, you can benefit by simply putting on your headphones, and allowing the technology to do the work for you as you enjoy the benefits.