Aurora, Ontario Class

When I began Pete Bernard’s program, I was a guarded and angry person and had been most of my life. I experienced intense rages and frequent flashbacks that affected my work, my family, and my everyday life. Having taught at university for many years, my own reactions didn’t make sense to me but I couldn’t stop them. Seeing Pete in private healing sessions and taking his course in shamanic healing has helped me in ways that other approaches could not. Gentle ceremonies presented in a systematic way provided life-changing tools that opened up my personal power to heal. I have not experienced rages or flashbacks for several years. My sense of self-worth, my relationship with my family and others, and my ability to be at peace have grown with these teachings and through my shared experiences with Pete and his students.  I highly recommend his program. Meegwetch, Pete.

~ S. H.

When I first began my training with the 8th Fire I was fighting hard to control my rage. With no clear understanding were it came from just knowing it had to end. The training I received in healing my life showed me the wounds and how to heal them. I can never fully express how grateful I am to Pete and the 8th Fire training that has helped me heal this issue and many others. I would recommend this training and Pete to anyone who truly wants to heal. You will not be disappointed.

~ Dale Newsham