Ottawa, Ontario Weekend Class

I am a victim no longer.
I now have choices and I Use them.
This is what I learned.
To work hard and smart.
Using the resources I received.
Such things as Medicine Rites, frequencies, Ceremonies.

I am rich because I have a multiple of choices that change
my life for the better.

I am a two time graduate of the program.
It is so rich, I went back to continue my evolution.
Steps to knowing myself and freedom.
This is truly a life enhancing program.
For those who truly want a better life.

~ KB

I’ve learned and healed a great amount with the ETL program. The Teachings and Ceremonies are efficient and effective tools to heal and grow. One of the lessons that shifted for me was, almost liking myself to loving myself and allowing others to love me back. I AM worthy! Much Love and Gratitude Chi Meegwetch AMM.

~ Angela Brunette

Completing the 8th Fire’s two year Earning the Light Shamanism Training Program with Algonquin Medicine Man Pete Bernard was a truly profound life changing experience. I started my healing journey in 2007 and although I healed many emotional and spiritual wounds, I felt and knew that there was something more that needed to be done for me to find the understanding, self acceptance, inner peace and joy I sought. I was introduced to shamanic healing by one of Pete’s former students in 2009 and at once felt drawn to Pete’s training. I started my training with Pete in the fall of 2010 and still remember the first class where we were told that if we were there to learn to be healers that we were in the wrong class as we were there to heal ourselves first and foremost. And that is what we did. It is through Pete’s training in ceremony, journeying and meditation in the Algonquin tradition that I learned to face and heal my deepest wounds. There is no hit and miss, no avoiding in this training. You go to the core of your wound and are able to heal the root cause of your issues, freeing you to live the life you were meant to live. I am truly grateful for Pete’s training which is offered in an atmosphere of truth, authenticity and love. It has given me a new outlook on life and has helped me flourish in my relationship with myself, others, Spirit and all Life. In addition, I can now be of service to others in guiding them in their own healing.  Thank you Pete for all of your help. Chi Meegwetch and Blessings.

~ Ron

The Earning the Light Program saved my life.  The course was a journey full of deep awareness and self discovery. It helped me to understand who I really was and to heal experiences in my past that influenced how I reacted to others and situations in my present life. Pete is an excellent teacher who has much to teach us all and who shares so much spiritual wisdom during the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

~ Janice Land

The 8th Fire Program awakens you to a new perspective with respect to how you look at yourself and others in an energetically connected world/Universe. Along the journey you will learn more about yourself than you ever imagined. Take the journey, grow from the experience. I know I did.

~ Greg