The $5,000,000 Consciousness

Parts 1-5 Complete!

Today is the beginning of a free online course by The 8th Fire and Algonquin Medicine Man, and it is a conscious mapping exercise that is applicable to any person, organization, business, or not-for-profit organization, or even a cause.To fully understand and participate in the exercise, be as honest with yourself as you can and make notes, even if they are point form it will be sufficient.It will be a 5-Part course, and it is offered completely free. It is the same one that I do with both individuals and organizations, and it is revealing.

Part 1:

Here is the premise. You have just received $5,000,000 and it has come to you in a manner that is ethical and no one was hurt or killed for you to get it. The amount of $5,000,000 is your starting amount – there are no taxes or fees and the money is free and clear. In order to begin, put yourself into the conscious space of this scenario as listed above.

  1. How do you initially think and feel about receiving $5,000,000? Please make notes about how you feel and what thoughts you are having and list them all – order is not important.
  2. Nothing is irrelevant in a) we want all of your thoughts and feelings no matter how inconsistent, small, or seemingly unimportant they are. Everything is important, so list it.


Part 2:

Now that you have it and have had some time to sit with and come to terms with it, what is coming up for you in terms of thoughts or feelings. Prior to this $5,000,000, how was your financial life? Living pay check to pay check? Just barely getting by? Previously bankrupt or bad credit, etc.?

List where you feel you are and where you have been.Here are some questions to consider:

  1. What was the worst or most stressful thing that has ever happened to you financially? What was your biggest financial mistake or miscalculation? What did it do to you? Those you loved and cared about?
  2. Do you deserve the money?
  3. Are you of afraid of losing it now that you have it?
  4. What is your relationship with money?
  5. What are your personal beliefs about money?
  6. What is the biggest or most offensive use of money that you have seen or witnessed by another person, government, or organization? (e.g. how money can be misused).
  7. Who is going to come to you looking for money? Family, friends, charities, etc.
  8. How will this money change your relationships and with whom, and who may not be ok with you having the money and why?
  9. Do you have spiritual or religious beliefs about money and what having it could mean? Would you or your spiritual beliefs be in right relationship with the money? Would you be judged and by whom?

The answers to these questions provides the current range of consciousness available to you, and that is indicated by how you generally feel about your answers above. How mistakes or limiting beliefs about money are addressed or not plays thee role in your money consciousness.

The course is offered in short segments like this, but trust us, it works and is worth the effort


Part 3:

At this point you have had time to consider what is going on inside of you as it relates to the $5,000,000. At this point what dollar value of consciousness do you have?

Pay check to pay check, poverty, just getting by consciousness? The importance of this is that it measures and marks not earning power, but a conscious level of capacity as it relates to money.

If the worst thing to have ever happened to you financially or the biggest financial mistake you have made is still unhealed, unresolved, or unforgiven mentally and emotionally – IT IS STILL IN PLAY.

What that means is that all of your money conscious decisions and endeavours pass through it as a kind of filter, and thus are changed to keep things at the current level of conscious money capacity for you. Quite literally your money consciousness is paying taxes – high taxes.

Furthermore, if this decision impacted and affected others you love and care about, you may be playing things too conservatively even in your consciousness if your focus is to not make another mistake or miscalculation because you don’t want to go through that again or jeopardize your loved ones. By trying to not focus on the mistake, you focus on the mistake. Don’t think of a pink elephant…too late.

In terms of deserving the money, the question brings us to self-worth.

Are you worth it? Or are there others who are more deserving?

Now that you have it, is your focus to hold onto it for “security”, spend some or all of it, and if so, on what? The odds are that despite the $5,000,000 level, you may still have a lower dollar value consciousness and that may put in play a non-conscious effort to reduce the amount to a lower level that you have more experience and comfort with.

Your relationship with money is all about your past and how it comes and goes, and for what. What is the best money you have ever made, and what were the circumstances around it? This also relates directly to self-value and how you consciously see and experience yourself financially.Your personal beliefs about money affect your now and your future.

As purely a construct of consciousness, what you believe and why you believe it will recreate itself into what you call your past, allowing for usually only minor variances. Past performance predicts future behaviour.If you have ever seen another person, organization, or government misusing money to harm, manipulate, or what we can call “negative uses”, you may blame money for that, as opposed to looking at it as the medium that was used.

Money in and of itself is neither bad nor good – it is consciousness and energy, and should not be blamed for how it can be used or misused. We can’t blame the car for an accident that was caused by a texting driver, can we? In an attempt to remain “good”, you may non-consciously or consciously have a disdain for money as a result of what you have interpreted.

The $5,000,000 can also potentially change your existing relationships with people, and not necessarily for the better. If you have a hard time saying “no”, have difficulties with boundaries or sticking up for yourself, this may be a difficult thing for you as dynamics around you play out. How will you deal with jealousy and the myriad of those who will come looking for some or all of it? If that overwhelms you – you may not consciously be ready to receive or accept it. We call this leakage – conscious or energetic leakage.

Many “spiritual” or “religious” people have problems with money, but not all. Money can often erroneously be viewed as lower consciousness, not being spiritual or religious, and not being good. It can be viewed as being greedy, bad, or materialistic. HEALERS NOTE: POVERTY DOES NOT EQUAL SPIRITUALITY OR ENLIGHTENMENT. Neither does having a lot of money, but to view one as bad and the other as good is simply unrealistic. Besides, if you are spiritual or religious, isn’t there a teaching of not judging? So why judge money in and of itself? What exactly did it do wrong? Nothing, its just the vehicle we were talking of earlier.

If money really were bad, does that mean the charities, non-profit organizations, and NGO’s and their causes are bad or not spiritual enough?

Think of what a good cause could do with $5,000,000 for their projects and passions. Getting it now?We need to stop equating money with materialism and poverty with enlightenment or spiritual growth and come back to the Natural Law of energetic exchange. Maybe you are a spiritual person, but your landlord, grocer, and utilities providers still need to provide for themselves and their families too, and they are not less spiritual for doing it.

The spiritual teacher still has bills to pay too as Natural Law offers them no exemptions. Your Yoga teacher deserves to be paid for being of service. Don’t you want to be paid for what you have to offer? Level the playing field and treat everyone with both value and respect.



You must see your financial mistakes or miscalculations as investments, since we are talking about a $5,000,000 consciousness. Think of it like a tuition fee to learn something, and now you need to apply, practice, and live what you have learned and use it to your benefit.

Forgive yourself if you need to or are unsure, and forgiveness is a choice. “I choose to forgive myself.” You would do it for someone else, so now do it for you. Forgiveness is a great investment both spiritually and financially.

Be at peace with your past and write yourself a blank check to pay off all of your outstanding or unresolved financial issues from the past. The past is anything behind wherever you are right now.

Start staking conscious ground to turn your smaller area to a larger one. I have always said that as it relates to money conscious, people either have a short, tall, grande, or venti capacity, to use a Starbucks cup size example. Even just moving up to the next cup size will drastically help your money consciousness.

Where you are at now is in a place of exploration. We are exploring what it would be like to have $5,000,000 from a cleaner conscious space, not from your mistakes, limiting, or wrong beliefs. Now you are getting it.

These things are the most expensive costs you have…an unhealed or unforgiven financial mistake, a limited or wrong belief as a financial advisor, and a cup size that is too small. Goldfish will grow proportionally to the size of their pond…just saying.

There are no rights or wrongs, only things that have not been healed but can be healed right now. Let this now be different then the ones that have come before it.”

I hereby release the student taking ‘The $5,000,000 Consciousness’ from all past mistakes, miscalculations, and anything else that may be burdening them, and I consider their entire financial past memories, emotions, limited or negative beliefs or thoughts, discharged completely.”


Part 4:

Over the course of the first 3-parts of “The $5,000,000 Consciousness” you have been able to take a good look at your relationship with money, the consciousness that you had about it, and a chance to really look at your hang-ups from both a social and spiritual view of money. You have even been discharged from your previous baggage.

From this point we step into a new version of the now, and explore a new relationship with your money consciousness. It is to begin to map out the new territory, as that is the only way you can increase your consciousness about anything. It is to allow yourself to go out and feel what something may be like, understanding that in mapping there is no right or wrong.

Here we go, and you may want a calculator for this to help you. You have $5,000,000 now, so here is what I want you to do:

  1. Pay off all of your debts.
  1. Come up with a plan on what you are going to do with the rest of the money, and try to be as specific as you can on what you will spend, and on what. Research on the internet for prices of things that you know you want, including things like real estate, vehicles, etc., or money that you are going to help people out with.Take your time and be as thorough as you can, as the last part coming tomorrow will build on it.


Part 5:

You are now debt free, and have made some purchases. How did you feel when you had to go out and buy something? What was it like to simply explore the possibilities of what it is that you could do? What themes did you explore? House or home? Vehicles? Vacations? Clothes? Real estate? Health? Business ideas or plans?

What was most important to you, and were you smart when you went about it? When we ask if you were smart, what we mean is were you smart with how you got what you got? If your dream home was $2 million, did you spend $2 million up front or did you get a mortgage? Did you buy a vehicle outright or did you lease or purchase finance it?

Another example is even if you had previous bad credit or a bankruptcy, you can still get them secured.The premise is more conscious thinking about money and how to use it.Also, did you invest in more education or training? We are evolutionary beings, and no matter what we do life long learning is a part of who we are.

And, what did you do to grow your money, if anything. Did you make investments to grow it, and did you invest in your self? Getting $5,000,000 was one thing, but how do you keep it and use it to get you to the next level? Was that a part of your initial plan? Playing too defensively will probably not grow your seeds.Did you give money to family, friends, or charities or causes?

You should note that giving people money usually does not help them in the way that you think it will, especially if they don’t have the money consciousness to work with it. It can also strain relationships with families and friends as has been documented to well.

As for your charitable giving, do they have a vision of what to do with it, or can you help them to grow what you give them and make it more sustainable in some way?Seeds grow plants and trees, and they in turn produce fruit, which gives more seeds and so on and so on as this is Natural Law.

The more you receive the more you can give, and so on.No matter whether you are doing this on behalf of yourself, a business, a cause or a charity or non-profit, your goal is to grow what you have and create your own garden so that when someone is in need they can eat from yours. While they are there, they learn how to garden for themselves and get to pay it forward when it is time for them to teach another.

Imagine how it would look and feel when people realize that there is enough for everyone, and that we can help each other by first helping ourselves. Conscious development is our mission, as that is what helps all life on the planet that we share.

Thank you for participating in this mini-course, and I want you to do one more thing…Go out 5-years into your future and see what it is like in an abundant and prosperous way, and become gently aware of the things you did to arrive there.

Until we offer our next online course, blessings to you in love, health, life, and prosperity!

Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel might benefit or be interested.

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