Professional 2-Year Shamanism (Medicine Work) Training Program

Learn The Ceremonies To Heal Your Life, and Dream Your World Into Being.

Over the 2-years, you will study 8 modules which will give you a solid foundation of Traditional Medicine Work, which is focused on self-healing, and can also be used to serve others. Everything from working with intuition, scanning, energy, chakras, the Aura, healing, energetic protection, Journey Work, Animal Totems, Spirit Guides, Astral Projection, Akashic Records, and more. From fundamentals to more advanced work, you will learn in an interactive format, following the Medicine Workers who have come before you. You begin by learning how to identify your wounds, and then healing them.


During the program, students will learn how to:

  • Identify the root cause of an issue across TimeSpace to truly heal it for all time;
  • Work with consciousness power and energy medicine in a very profound way;
  • Journey and get into Trance States to get information from different worlds and dimensions;
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones from bad medicine and to heal it;
  • Heal both conscious and non-conscious issues, and heal what you don’t know;
  • Heal the past, present, and the future;
  • Astral Project and Read Akashic Records;
  • And much more!

Intensive Training Program
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

October 2nd – 6th, 2017 – August 2nd, 2019

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Intensive Training Program
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

November 2, 2015 – July 28, 2017

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Week-end Training Program
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

February 12, 2016 – July 22, 2018

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Weekend Training Program
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

March 4, 2015 – July 13-15, 2018

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The “Earning The Light Program” is a 2-Year personal healing journey encompassing eight (8) learning modules of healing totaling 320 hours of class time instruction, lecture, healing exchanges, and practicum to become proficient in healing.

In addition, there are case studies assigned outside of class time to deepen the student’s learning with themselves and clients.

If you answer the calling of your heart, step forth and begin to heal your life and reclaim your birthright. The world, our loved ones, need who we are when we are no longer afraid. What is left is love, the unconditional love of the All That Is.

Take our hand, and walk with us in the Ancient Places, and remember who you are.

This training is in Traditional Medicine Work (or Shamanism as it is referred to by many). By learning to work on and with yourself in your own healing, you can then begin to work on others.

You will learn to work with energy, trance states, journeying and will learn to see what cannot be seen, and learn to know what cannot be known.

No prior experience is needed to begin this training.  Depending on interest, we may be able to bring this training to your area. Please inquire if you are interested in bringing The 8th Fire training to your area (minimum numbers would be required).

Why does almost every form of healing or healing system on the planet borrow from what has become known as “Shamanism”? It is the Way of Life and Healing of The Ancient Ones, and has been practiced by my people since Time Immemorial.

Many have borrowed from it. It has been called “Applied Quantum Physics” and “Miracle  Making.” It is walking between the worlds and becoming.

The Ancient One’s walked amongst the Stars, crossed time and space, and even could look to the future to see who they were becoming. They learned to see what could not be seen, and to know what could not be known, and they used it to heal and birth ideas and dreams into the world.

If you are reading this, you are the Prophesied One – one of the “New People” – the next generation of Medicine Workers who will learn the Ancient Ways and bring forth the Medicine into this world and end the suffering of all life, and reveal the love the lives within.

You want to help others, but you do not know how or feel inadequate to do so. By first learning how to heal and help yourself, only then will you be able to help others. Whether you are a complete novice in any type of healing or proficient to any degree, learning the Medicine Ways will make you a better healer, and a better person.