Quantum Shamanic (Star) Reiki Training

Reiki is a system of healing that is easy to learn and easy to do. It is working with “Spiritually Guided Life Force” for the healing of all life.

What makes Quantum Shamanic (Star) Reiki different is that you learn in both the Traditional Usui Reiki Tradition, and with Shamanic Traditions (Algonquin), and the working parts of Quantum Physics.

There are times when we let the Reiki energy do all of the work, and there are times where we switch and we are directing it. We learn to use our breath in a simple and powerful way to help move energy.

As we move on into higher levels, we learn Algonquin Symbols (called Mazinaws) which are not available by any other teacher or system, since Pete is the only one who has them. This is in addition to the Usui and Tibetan Symbols you will learn.

Even if you already have Reiki Training, we feel that this will help make you a better practitioner. I have offered Quantum Star Reiki sessions for Reiki Masters, and they were “blown away.”

Many of them felt that Reiki had limitations, which of course is not true. We train in a way to help our own beliefs heal and are able to offer more.

Training Costs:

Level 1: $300.00 plus HST
Level 2: $350.00 plus HST
Level 3 (Advanced): $400.00 plus HST
Reiki Master Teacher: TBA

Reiki. Evolved. If you did not know, Algonquin Medicine Man is also Reiki Master Teacher. We call our contribution to Reiki and Healing “Quantum Star Reiki” because it blends Quantum Physics, Shamanism, and Traditional Usui Reiki into what can only be called “Reiki. Evolved.”

This is a complete 4-Level program teaching from Level 1, Level 2, Advanced, and Master Teacher levels. Whether you have already studied Reiki or are looking to learn, this is going to be an Evolutionary Experience. No prior experience is required or needed!