Spiritual Marketing 2.0

If you build it…they will come…

“Field of Dreams Marketing.” That is how it has been described. People of all walks of life often feel called to offer a product or service that they believe in, or feel will help others. You researched, trained, and put a lot of time and maybe money into a website. Made and put out business cards, flyers, and ads. And no one came. How could this happen? You are trying to do good in the world, you answered the calling. Why is it not working?

We know why.

“Spiritual Marketing” is how we have helped build our organizations, and that of our clients. This goes well beyond the often misunderstood and misinterpreted “Law of Attraction”.

It goes to the very core of who we are, why we are, and what we truly believe.

This is the Ancient Wisdom that ensured there was always enough crops, game, and plant medicines for everyone and to ensure no one went without. Rich in family, rich in friends, rich in health – true, meaningful abundance. “Spiritual Marketing” is a throwback to traditional business marketing and much more grounded and practical than “Law of Attraction”. You may want to be of service, but don’t feel comfortable “promoting” yourself or simply “advertising”. What is your alternative? How can you be of service and get noticed? “Spiritual Marketing.”

In addition to being a Medicine Man, Pete graduated from Business Administration with majors in Marketing, Human Resources Management, and has a Post-Diploma in International Trade.

He literally has built and walked this bridge, and now is offering his services to help you as well.

October 1st and 2nd, 2016

This 2-Day Workshop is suitable for anyone, from any walk of life, that wants to be more successful in being of service and having a healthy energetic exchange in being of service.

Marketing for individuals, professionals, businesses, non-profit organizations and anyone who would like to learn the “Holistic Art of Spiritual Marketing” – how to put yourself out there without selling your soul.

Investment $475.00 plus applicable taxes.