Universal Blessings Month

A Path to Being Truly Free, Healed, and Happy

Have you ever taken an inventory of what or who you are carrying with you? What has not been resolved, healed, or forgiven? For most it can be a lengthy list, and a heavy one, but where does that leave us? Are we humans or pack mules who haul the heavy emotions and unresolved stuff around with us?

These are the questions of self-inquiry. If we are people who believe in a Higher Power, Creator, or whatever word you are comfortable with, do we not have a duty to heal, not for them, but for ourselves and the life we want?

Forgiveness means “I don’t want it, I don’t need it, and I won’t carry it anymore.” Does that change your mind about forgiveness? Imagine yourself walking down a beautiful beach hand in hand, or having a picnic, a romantic candle lit dinner…only it is with what and who you have not forgiven? We know, that wasn’t fair, but neither is what you are doing to yourself.

To not forgive is to remain deeply and intimately connected with the object of your un-forgiveness. That is an intimate relationship, and a tremendous expenditure of energy. Now that it has been explained, is that what you want? No, of course it isn’t. Knowing where your energy is and goes is the beginning of awareness.

If we don’t forgive, resolve, or heal, our options are to continue to carry the burden, not heal, and be the effect of some wounded cause. Striking back or attempting to harm the person who you believe hurt you is also not going to help – not them or especially you. The blowback is never what you expect, and we are judged for it but cannot see that on the front end. A spiritual pause is a good thing to ask oneself “please show me the healed way.

“The Higher Road is to do the Healing Thing, or the things that lead to healing, and Blessings are one of those ways.

A blessing is Alchemy – it changes the nature and structure of wounds that we have and carry, and it changes us, the situation, and everyone involved in it. It restructures energy and consciousness to allow it to become more resourceful and helpful. You need to know that first we heal, then we understand. A Blessing not only releases the weight of the heavy burdens, but it turns them into light so they can help all life.

If we want to be ‘Spiritual” and use the title, then we have to work to earn it, and forgiveness is the true test of the Human Soul – to forgive yourself and others, and not do harm. The goal is to not harm, even if you want to, it will feel good, is justified, or any of the other reasons that you feel are giving you the go-ahead. Now that we are aware and know, we have to do better with what we know. This is how we evolve a Soul, by practicing our virtues.

At a very simple level, you can simple begin to offer blessings to the people that you feel have wronged you, so that you no longer have to carry them. A simple mantra “I Bless You” or “I Bless Myself” while focussing on who or what needs to be forgiven will begin to transmute and heal. Blessings lead to forgiveness, and that is what we call enlightened self-interest. In time we authentically and organically arrive at forgiveness, but it is never forced.

The true test of the ‘Spiritual’ or the individual is the act and practice of forgiveness. The blaming of self and others has not helped or healed the world – the practice of forgiving oneself and others will create miracles. That is happiness – to be able to offer the very best of who and what you are with others, and we become that by letting go through blessing.

We own the healing, and when we do, it gets done. Let this be the legacy that you leave – how many you have been able to bless.

We do it for ourselves, but all life benefits. Choose the healed way :), and one more thing…Blessings.


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