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New Online Program Begins January 2021!

Professional 2-Year Shamanism (Medicine Work) Training Program: Learn The Ceremonies To Heal Your Life, and Dream Your World Into Being. Over the 2-years, you will study 8 modules which will give you a solid foundation of Traditional Medicine Work, which is focused on self-healing, and can also be used to serve others. Everything from working with intuition, scanning, energy, chakras, the Aura, healing, energetic protection, Journey Work, Animal Totems, Spirit Guides, Astral Projection, Akashic Records, and more. From fundamentals to more advanced work, you will learn in an interactive format, following the Medicine Workers who have come before you. You begin by learning how to identify your wounds, and then healing them.

Are we simply the things that happen to us? Must we live out the wounds and carry them for the rest of our lives? Are we destined to repeat and live out our patterns over and over again? The answers to these questions determine your life and the quality of your life. You can do something about it, we can help teach you and help you Re-Member.

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I’m a Holder of Sacred Space in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. My service is to work on the non-physical causes of things and resolve them using Spirit, Energy, and Consciousness. It is the Ancient Wisdom of the Universe that has carried forward since Time Immemorial.

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"Pain has been a teacher to you, but Love must also be allowed to teach you."

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