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Heal Your Life

Your private healing session is an experience to begin to take control of your healing and your life. It is a conscious decision to create the life you want, not live the one brought to you by your trauma's and what is not working in your life. You learn an Ancient Technology to begin to process and learn from what was, and to create what will be.


You have a choice of different service providers for your Private Healing Sessions.

In addition to working with Pete, you may also work with:

Selene Viel who is a Senior Teaching Assistant to The 8th Fire,


Beth Sturdevant who was also a Teaching Assistant.

Both are very gifted healers, and would be of great service to you in your healing Journey. You can find them both by clicking on their names which will take you to their websites.


Private Healing Session

A private healing session lasts up to 1-hour. Can be done in person, via telephone, Skype, Zoom, or at a distance (interconnected). Please do not prepay for your session, wait until it is booked and confirmed through the appointment calendar. If you are unable to find a spot, please put yourself on the waiting list and be generous with your availability. Before you can book a session, you need to have an account with us, and you can get one here.

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